Grand Theft Auto IV

On the PC it offers wonderful single-player campaign successful console versions, offering new graphical enhancements with higher resolution and many new upgrades and features to the community elements and multi-player.

This allows you to import personal music to a custom radio station. You can record videos and also edit clips with the new video editor; you can share these with other players through Rockstar’s Social Club community element.

The story in Grand Theft Auto IV here Nico Bellic who is a Russian immigrant comes to Liberty City at the request of Roman his cousin. He very quickly becomes entangled in a world with organized crime, he works his way up in Liberty City here he makes friends and loads of enemies.

Its single-player game play hasn’t changed much from Xbox360 and PS3 versions. The multi-player aspect is pretty solid, it offers grand multi-player mode whilst increasing the player count starting from 16 to 32 and still performing admirably with less lag.

The PC version’s editor for videos is most defiantly its greater additions. Once you create an account then log in to Rockstar’s Social Club, you can then capture videos of the game-play then export to game’s videos utility. From video editor clips can be edited as you like, adding filters, putting music or splicing together different videos. After editing the clip to what you like, this can be posted to the Social Club for members to rate and check out.

Even though the game has some impressive and new features which fans of GTA and gamers would undoubtedly want to experience, there are many severe technical issues with this game, and stability is very poor on machines. Beware of the games serious stability issues as it presently stands.

Graphically this game has defiantly improved from its console versions, the resolution is super-high and character models have improved. The entire city looks awesome filled with details, unfortunately the technical issues can’t go unnoticed no matter how top range PC you have the settings has to be scaled downed for the game to run properly.

The sound section is not changed from its console version; this is great since it sports some amazing voice acting, excellent sound effects with a large robust soundtrack. The one thing the PC version has that the console doesn’t is “Independent FM” a particular radio station this allows to import MP3 to particular folders this can be listened to during a game. Same as a real radio station, you are able just listen to music or opt for a DJ banter.


Grand Theft Auto IV a solid port with a beloved title, except for a few technical hitches but it will be rectified soon. If you a PC-only gamer wanting to take the plunge in Liberty City then this new feature is bound to impress you. The storyline hasn’t changed from its console version, the keyboard and mouse controls are very responsive when handling guns, new video editor feature rocks. Adding some compelling new features is a reward to PC gamers, only they will have to wait for Rockstar to give a patch to sort out its stability problems.